Mountain Safety in Snowdonia


Snowdonia is a beautiful but rugged landscape. Just because it is host to millions of visitors every year it is not a place to be underestimated. It is also home to one of the busiest mountain rescue teams in the U.K. and hundreds of walkers, climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts require rescue every year.


Obviously, we would suggest you book one of our experienced and qualified leaders to join you on your mountain walk or trip, but if you choose not to make use of us then here are some pieces of advice we strongly urge you to follow:


  •  Always carry a map and compass and know how to use them
  •  Always carry a torch and spare batteries
  •  Always carry waterproof clothing (top and legs!)
  •  Always carry a hat, gloves and spare warm layer
  •  Wear proper footwear suitable for walking (with good tread depth and ankle support)
  •  Plan your route carefully and have a backup route plan
  •  Be prepared to turn around if the weather deteriorates! (see above)
  •  Tell somebody where you are going and let them know when you are back


Even if you do all of the above you can still have an accident in the mountains or wild areas of North Wales. Please ensure you are properly prepared for what you plan to do, and respect the outdoor environment. There are plenty of places to go and learn more about the essential skills of navigation and first aid, and if you aren't going to join us on one of our walks then you would be wise to spend that time learning to do things properly and safely.